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Advertising Your Organization’s Employee Referral Program for Optimum Advantage

Advertising Your Organization’s Employee Referral Program for Optimum Advantage

There are many ways by which one can start refining their employee referral program and transform it into a major driver of top talent. For this, one needs to start by implementing the program in a proper manner. Advertising the program is one of the things that can be taken into consideration. Branding can be one of the prime steps that one can think of when reforming the employee referral program. Branding it in any fashion, either with or without a fancy name or theme can be a great start as employees could easily remember it if it is attractive.

When initially launching the program, kick start with a promotional event or a party or an enterprise wide even that can also be instrumental to educate and inform the employers or recruiters how hiring and recruiting should be adopted as an active part of everyone’s job responsibility in the organization. After the program starts, it is essential to keep a check and monitor the continuous marketing of the program by all means available to the company and during all times of the year. This would also include signage throughout the building or enterprise infrastructure, information tables in break areas; restroom mirror clings as well as email and intranet site messaging adverts.

One could also consider sending information regarding the employee referral program and its benefits and rewards directly to the homes of the employees to be received by their family members, friends and neighbors making them all potential candidates for the employee referral program. This can only work effectively if executed properly by good communication channels and saying up to date with the feedbacks since early and quick communication is the best way to market your program and enhance its effectiveness.

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