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ATS Fill Up

Progressive companies are now implementing Source-in-Time (SIT) programs to ensure they have a ready pipeline of top talent once the economy recovers. This will provide early adopters a significant competitive advantage and an increased share of the best talent.This is the low cost service that ensures high bandwidth of database for you. We do research for both passive & active candidates from Free Job boards, Internet search engines and social networks and fill your ATS or Internal base with candidate’s pool related to your recruiting needs.

You’ll discover that this targeted approach to getting candidate will profoundly increase your productivity and forever change how you recruit.

Don’t be left behind. Now is the time to jump on the ATS fill Program. It promises to be a memorable ride

Resume Formatting
We offer resume formatting services, our panel of technical writers promptly format and organize high quality resumes based on the procedure provided by our clients.

Reference Checks
Reference checking is a primary aspect of talent acquisition process. It is a bulky and time consuming process. Our team follows the client’s processes to do background and reference checks and can be engaged by clients to take on this responsibility.

Lead Generation Services
Are you looking for new clients? Are you worried about finding qualified leads in new or saturated markets? We are here to help generate you qualified sales leads for customer acquisition. Whether you need to contact people who are decision makers or Contact top level executives to discuss about new positions. We are here to provide you the perfect sources for you!

Leading companies and agencies trust us to deliver high quality customised leads on a large scale. Therefore, whether you are looking to acquire simple opt in email address or fully qualified profiled leads why not get in touch today to find out what we can offer you. We look forward to your enquiry.

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