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How Diversity Initiatives Can Build You Hiring Process And Culture

A well-coined statement “unity in diversity” reflects the strength and power that comes with the joining action. A little while ago a Harvard Review on a similar post had reported that in the years to come companies would be repleting both their inherent and acquired diversity and that they have found out the correct measures to out-innovate and outperform the competition with the help of diversity initiatives. This concludes that both diversity and inclusion are the two major pillars of any business and are very crucial for the formation of a company as well as to provide a well-scaffolded business to the company.

As more and more companies have greeted with welcome change some of the giants who have committed themselves to focusing upon diversity efforts that play a serious role in both the internal and external affairs on an organization are companies like Johnson&Johnson, Coca-Cola and Starbucks to name a few. Apart from them, many others have adopted active programs and goals travelling beyond the ethos to greet diversity.

Some of the most significant reasons for considering diversity initiatives are the multiple benefits it tags along. Not only do these reflect the good intentions of the company to harbor the interests of all and making a global representation but are also strategic to drive their business. This is so because the diverse team would be a storehouse of a multitude of perspectives’, opinions and ideas as they come from varied backgrounds and as such can add to the growth, development and strength of the company. In addition, these are also geared with a unique problem-solving ability with least chance of errors.

If a company wishes to chalk out a diversity plan it must ensure that everyone on board the team understands why the inclusion effort and should be able to discuss the same with others when the topic arises. Developing your work culture in such a way that each employee is keen in its concept that diversity and inclusion are among the values and goals of the company.

A company should adopt a few measures for recruiting for diverse talent and sharing their commitment for inclusion. Some of the best ways to go ahead with this would be to highlight a segment of their company culture in their website and understanding on the values of the inclusion. These days it has become a norm for most companies as well as for the job-seeking millennials who look forward to be a part of a strong cultural fit, which they consider one of the best attributes in their search for a good job.

The Top 10 Characteristic Features of a Perfect RPO Company

We have earlier discussed about the selection process of RPO companies for hire and the terms based on which the final decision is made as to which RPO provider should be approached. However, that is not the end as the major criteria is set upon the following attributes of a typical RPO provider and should confirm to those mentioned below:
• Size or Dimension
When opting for an RPO provider look carefully whether they can cater to your volume of hires and the best way to denote this is to look through their previous similar experiences. This can provide a clear picture as to whether the RPO provider can offer you with the size of hiring requirements you need for your company.
• Area of Expertise
One also has to determine the area of expertise or specialization within the company and the department that requires it the most. Whether it is the marketing, HR or the Sales department. Thereby you can search for a RPO that can help find you suitable candidates for the precise department.
• Industry Specialization
It must be kept in mind that not all RPO providers support all the industries at the same time. Each has its own area of industry specialization or a particular sector of the industry to which they provide their services such as manufacturing, retail or technology. As such, it would be a logical decision to look for an RPO provider that has a proven history of assisting and support in the type of industry you desire.
• Services
Clearly outline your RPO services that you would require from the RPO provider so that they can match your requirements, among the services these are a few that you would expect from the RPO Company:
– Candidate researches for your in-house recruiters.
– Full term outsourcing or recruiting for all or part of your company
– Taking care of audits, reporting, tracking and compliance
– Outsourcing for only a project
– Outsourcing for third party vendor management.

• On-site Support
Some RPO companies may not offer on-site support unless specifically asked for it. Likewise if you require complete or partial on – location support they do not forget to specify that among your criteria for the choice of RPO company.
• Hiring Support
Rpo support providers offer several types of hires ranging from contract- to hire, contract hires, part- time hires and full term hires. So you can choose from the type of hires that is most suitable for your organization.
• Technology Solutions
If you are up beat on the type of technology to be applied for your recruiting and hiring needs then you should look out for an RPO provider that supports the specific technology solution, as some will not. Hence, choose wisely for your requirement of tech support.
• Countries Supported
This is an important aspect of RPO companies as not all companies that are based outside the U.S have their branch here, as such if you are a company that is hiring outside the States or an international firm hiring in U.S or a U.S based company that requires support in hiring for one of its international branches then look out for RPO support that can offer you the same.
• Compatibility
A recruitment process outsourcing is a partnership between two organizations and demands compatibility for the business relations to grow and develop into successful alliances. As such, both should be genuinely involved in the progress of the other to make things work best in their favor.
• Track Record.
Finally, all the above is uncalled for if the RPO Company has it all but is unable to deliver. If the RPO provider does not have a past of happy and satisfied clients then there is no point investing your time and resources in that company. Make sure before making the final call whether the company has delivered results you want to others earlier before you settle for the same.
RPO can produce multiple benefits when carried out in the right way for both the companies involved in the services, getting through to the RPO of your choice could be difficult but once you have filtered your choices the perfect RPO support can help you pay off for all your efforts.

Rpo recruitment process outsourcing : Three Strategic Measures to Run Your RPO Business Smoothly

Industry best practices are necessary for running a successful RPO company. The present RPO stage is on the growth mode and is witnessing an alarming increase. Within the business, the natural selection process is setting in which will provide apex positions to some of the top players of the RPO game. In such a rat race, the optimum way to ensure that your company makes it to the zenith is by ascertaining that the company survives by incorporating the best industry practices and offers scalability as well as solvency over its competitors.
Some of the best practices adopted by an RPO company are methods or techniques that offer results that are superior and consistent over time it is basically much more than a practice that only works. Mentioned below are three industry best practices for running an RPO company with confidence and success.

• Pre defined plan
Any RPO company in order to operate in a successful manner requires a checklist or a To-Do list for accomplishing tasks. Every department should have these checklists on either a weekly or a monthly basis. Developing these checklists is essential, as this is what will keep your business running. These tasks can be assigned to individuals or teams of employees. Finally placing someone, in charge of the accomplishment of these tasks is crucial as these can be easily forgotten if they get engrossed in the client practices. As such, a monthly checklist or a predefined plan of action for the entire staff is essential for maintaining the smooth functioning of the company and will contribute towards the growth and development of the RPO business.

• Focus on core values
Finding the right opportunity to focus and define is one of the most crucial aspects of an RPO because this business deals strictly with people it is essential that they should have focus on some core values about which people are passionate. One should be clear of the business and what is at stake? Thus enabling the company to make decisions based upon mission and the core values. One can also follow suit from other industries in the global market if they find it difficult to innovate and learn from the growth factors in these sectors. This will help solve the problems of finding quality candidates for hires.

• Effective Communication
Apart from having a solid plan of action, an RPO company should also stress upon having an effective fluid communication between all its links. Since clients are on the lookout for an RPO company that can manage one of the most significant aspects of their business so it is really important for the company to have an effective communication all across the length and breadth of the system.

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rpo recruitment process outsourcing

Communication at all tiers and between all bands of employees can only make things work effectively, to ensure this effective communication it is important to realize that the proximity of the communication is frequent within the firm as well as with the candidates. Communication with clients should be consistent and dedicated to separate teams within the company and keeping a check on each. This will keep the clients always updated about the process.

The RPO industry is witnessing evolution each day and thus it becomes vital for each individual RPO company to prepare itself for the increase in competition and keep thriving. The above-mentioned practices can be the driving force in maintaining a healthy and functional RPO company.

Top qualities to look for in an RPO Provider

RPO ServicesAlthough you have made the decision of Recruitment Process Outsourcing for leveraging your process and cost – cutting of your expenses, apart from gaining access to better business hires and quality candidates. What lies ahead is a massive challenge of choosing an optimal RPO provider that can help meet your company’s requirements while also providing timely deliverables and achieving the results. It is difficult at this point to realize from where to begin. However, one must consider the following when selecting a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service provider.

Does the RPO Provider really qualify to be in your list?

What is the maximum term of years they have served in the industry?

Do they have a proven record of accomplishment?

How many successful RPO relationships have they catered to and were these relevant from the beginning of the engagement right from start- to -finish?

Did the relationship with the RPO provider develop gradually and evolve over time for mutual successful partnership?

In addition, does the RPO provider ace the scale on fulfilling client expectations n terms of what it has to offer?

Finally, listening to prior experiences from similar partnerships and how they worked it out, determining you to strike the deal.

While starting up can have initial selection troubles, however it can turn out to be an exciting as well as motivating experience for both the founders as well as the current staff to get associated with a new name. Although as discussed above there is no one size fits all solution for hiring a qualified RPO provider for your company, there still are a few points one must remember in mind when fixing an RPO support for the company. The RPO service provider should have its own unique culture and vibe with fluidity and should help contribute to your company in an efficient and effective manner making its association an engaged and motivating process for all.

The RPO firm should have a well-known brand name, as hiring could be great challenge if they happen to be start up. This will lead to greater complications in closing the deals and generating leads. Make sure you zero – in on the right RPO Company and the right team who understand your business the way you do. More often than not companies find themselves short of resources and rush up in their need to acquiring RPO assistance. This could seriously hurt in the long run instead base your decision on a solid choice of RPO provider meeting all the necessities of your company, can help you achieve long –term business goals.

Rise in annual turnover for companies with Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing is no longer just an idea or option. It is the fine hallmark of a better business and a healthy work environment. It has existed in the past and will continue into the future. Lately though the concept has gained more ground for significant reasons. Companies indulging in this third party contractual vendor services have experienced all the difference when it came to outsourcing and the impact it had on its business.  Not just in terms of greater efficiency but also reduced operational costs. However, at this point in time and at this business, it is not just about cutting the costs anymore but also getting better returns out of this strategic business measure. Better returns in terms of having access to skilled expertise and reduction in the overheads. Flexibility in the staffing process, enhancing the potentiality and generating profit, all at a reduced turnaround time are is also an added benefit.

An important aspect of this unique business strategy is that since there a host of vendor services available but how to settle on the one that is best suited to the specific needs of a company. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to conduct proper research and development before making a choice for outsourcing. Mostly the choices in this field would be shore or offshore. By hiring these services the company can then focus on its core competencies and have a competitive edge over others in the industry.

Intellectual outsourcing by companies can provide them with a number of long-term benefits:

Efficiency and productivity Benefits.

When a company outsources its recruitment needs from an outsourcing firm like RPOHIRE, it brings to them years of expertise, better business understanding and delivering superlative solutions. All this is only because of their better job handling and knowledge of the industry.  This enables better service offerings from the company with a decrease in lead-time. This contributes to the bottom-line of the company boosting the productivity.

Core tasking Benefits.

Outsourcing the business needs enables a company to invest its time and resources to the core tasks at hand and building the company brand and value while on the other hand the third party takes care of it non -core processes

Technology Benefits.

Outsourcing business may eliminate the need to set up a separate infrastructure and investing in the latest technology for the requirement as these are looked after by the outsourcing partner.

Resource Benefits.

One of the most visible benefits of outsourcing is the cost savings, which outsourcing in any field may get a company and this is accelerated to a higher level when it comes to recruitment process outsourcing. As the entire work is done in a comparatively low cost in return for a better quality work force because of the process. This leads to cost savings by more than 60%.Apart from cost benefits it also provides immense time benefits in terms of time zone advantage giving the company the added advantage of round the clock business hours.

Make a choice and make a difference to your business with RPOHIRE.

RPOHIRE have been a reliable and quick solution to all the recruitment process outsourcing needs around the globe. Our client testimonials speak volumes of our commitment towards service and our passion towards a long lasting business outsourcing relationship. We make your business pace faster by converting your ideas to bring you better services and making your company rise and shine.






Greater opportunities for nurses in U.S, as new bill mandates nurse –to-patient ratios!

Healthcare RPO Services

On a global scale the World Health organization (WHO) has estimated a shortage in the nursing field by almost 4.3 Million along with physicians and other health human resources across the world. The condition seems alarming in the United States as inadequate staffing in nurses and other health personnel have increased the risk of infections among the patients. This has resulted in increasing number of error and deaths, all due to the problems roused by a diminished staff.

According to Cori. Gambini, RN and President of Local 1168, (CWA) Communications Workers of America, a health union group that represents the large number of healthcare workers in the area says that at present two large municipalities of New York, namely the Amherst and the Cheektowaga are backing up a new health staffing Bill that will officially mandate the nurse-to-patient ratio.

It has been evident that the problems for a lesser nursing staff have shown negative consequences for more than a decade now. The Journal of the American Medical association has underlined that hospitals staffing at a patient –nurse ratio of 1:8 has been witnessing additional deaths of over 1000 patients when compared to a patient – nurse ratio of 1:4 which saw a decline in the number of deaths due to lack of attention.

The new Bill known as The Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act helps in mandating the nurse-to-patient ratios in hospitals as well as the minimum care hours per resident and nursing home. The bill would help in establishing nurse-to-patient ratios to 1:1 in the OR (Operating Room) and 1:4 in the medical – surgical units.

However, the bill faces an uphill battle, as did most of the previous bills in this regard. This is because most hospitals are against the bill and against any bill that aims to regulate the mandate of nurse-to-patient ratios. The prime reason for this being the financial holocaust that would cause layoffs of other staffs, also the staffing of different hospitals will have different needs as there is no, one- size- fits -all tendency in the nursing stream. Mostly, hospitals like the Greater New York hospital Association are anxious about the substantial cost it would impose upon the facilities if the bill is passed.

Although Bills like these have failed to generate public response in the past but the recent support has given tremendous boost to the battle and there is ground for hope. Many recruiting firms are anticipating to fill in the requirements the moment they are approached, some recruitment process outsourcing firms such as Offshore RPO services have the potential to provide the requisite nursing talent specific to a given hospital or a health care center.


What makes retail staffing acutely distinguished from the traditional hiring is the fact that the retail staffing typically provides for retail oriented firms, which necessitate exclusively trained and experienced professionals who are ready to deliver exemplary services in the retail sector, and make each retail visit a success for both the customer and the retailer in terms of business prospects.

The retail staffing services from Rpohire endow the most excellent recruitment solutions for revolutionizing the merchandising industry and the retail world by offering the most qualified retail associates and professionals including store managers and assistant store managers, sales associates and the general helpers. Hiring the right people where needed and scheduling the apt salespersons to perform has enabled us to long stand our reputation as one of the most trusted sources for the retail staffing services. As retail staff providers on the national and international scale, we offer an extensive range of service recruits suitable to the retail industry.

Our retail RPO staffing services are offered on a temporary as well as permanent basis on a wide range of diverse retail requirements such as:  Retail Displays and Assemblage, In Store Demos , Retail Promos, Store Sales, Warehouses and Storerooms, Store Remodeling, Store Resets , Fixture Installations , New Store Sets, Merchandising

As an ideal retail staffing firm we specialize in offering placements for candidates in the retail positions, presently we have extensive openings for Store Managers and Assistant Store Managers having the ability to shoulder every minute responsibility in the retail business especially those complacent in efficient handling of the store or retail outlet, maximize profits by minimizing the costs and ensure successful promotions of products and services and deliver outstanding customer care.

Likewise, Assistant Store Managers are required to assist and support the manager in performing the everyday functions, checking the appearance and vicinity of the outlet, helping the consumers in the product selection and purchases as well as assisting the manager in the daily operations meted out at the retail store.

At Rpo Hire, we proffer innovative workforce technology solutions to several merchandising service organizations and retailers and extend our support to all other brands of the retail sector. Our staffing services quality is of the highest standards and expands across several nations.

Our database of skilled professional and reliable retail recruits assist our patrons in defining new goals in the retail industry by reinforcing their sales and operational efficiency with their optimistic endeavors.



One of the adjacent effects of the high attrition rates causing a blotch on the Bpo boom was the development of the niche Rpo Companies. Recruitment Process outsourcing or RPO is a budding enterprise and is anticipated to grow by more than a billion dollar this fiscal year to about 3.5 million U.S Dollar. The Global RPO is all set for a rapid growth with massive number of Rpo Companies in India and abroad seek to outsource their hiring related jobs to third party vendors for the sole purpose of saving out on their time and resources.

Rpo in India has been a rising trend and has made the nation the Centerport of all the global outsourcing activities. It is being branded as the popular hub of global outsourcing services as hiring industry has come to be reckoned as the major business with the fastest development. Authoritative Sources have confirmed that the Rpo industry in India has already reached a staggering U.S Dollar 2.5 billion mark in the market and is estimated to develop at a rate of 30%- 40% during the coming financial year. This is already a successful initiative on the global scale with corporate honchos adopting the RPO form to fulfill their recruitment needs both inside India and abroad.

One of the firms that tops the list of competent Rpo firms in India is RPOHIRE which has a global reach with the universal fervor as it has its base in India. It offers the perfect talent match in the face of rising shortage of skilled manpower and technical expertise. It is the ultimate in talent acquisition services as it offers struggling organizations get in touch with the right talent and facilitate easy execution of their operational services and business strategies in the midst of an exceedingly competitive and highly uncertain economic environment that is prone to random changes.

Rpohire a leading Rpo service provider is an expert when it comes to offering rational and logistic hiring solutions. It’s high end recruitment cycle takes care of an organizations recruiting requirements  right from the point of job profiling and resume sourcing to On- boarding. The highly trained and experienced recruiters at Rpo hire perform in sync with the outsourcing company’s team to offer the most sought and timely client support services along with the time and space to focus on core administrative tasks.

Highly specialized offshore IT consulting and staffing services!

Highly specialized offshore IT consulting and staffing services!

Most recruitment process outsourcing firms and organizations have taken to adopting a varied mix of offshore IT recruitment choices. These choices have been on the whole either very selective offshore projects or either offshore development projects having a multi-vendor approach. Rpohire’s IT Staffing services serve as a predominant driver for efficient and effective offshorization with the best cost effective solutions, superior quality recruits and easily accessible technical talent for a quick ramp up and accelerated service delivery to the clients.

Certain Industry researches have estimated that almost 80% of IT budgets go for maintenance of the current applications and processes whereas 20% are invested in prime new projects. On the contrary the regulatory and economic portfolios over the last couple of years have made it a necessity to evaluate the financial viability of their respective IT portfolio. The latest trend in IT Industry sees most companies having their processes supported from offshore and this is quite significant in the business IT alignment as a vital aspect of the offshore strategy of the company. All this is largely dependent on the key issue of offshore IT consulting and Staffing as an eminent engagement model as it is the focal point in the company’s offshore outsourcing plan.

Rpohire offers one of the best approaches for its clients when it comes to Offshore IT Staffing solutions. It serves the most suitable technical and intellectual talent and provides the ability to pick on the quality IT offshore resources working for the corporation. With its base well established in India and abroad it offers secure internet technologies in the procurement of offshore staff and manage the offshore squad. Its services have proved to be very instrumental in the development of long – term offshore business strategies for its large customer base.

Based on its extensive experience and highly skilled expertise Rpohire enables a comprehensive establishment and management of recruiting services for its clientele from the initial screening and processing to the final delivery and accomplishment of the conceptualized process. It plays a lead role in the growth and development of customer relationship by enabling effective implementation towards the fostering of a long-term offshore outsourcing plan.

Rpohire’s offshore IT consultancy services provide for international standards of recruitment with a professional insight focused on the development of individual entrepreneurs or companies who want a legit ROI by partnering with the best RPO firm!

RPO recruiters and recruitment solutions for solving talent acquisition crisis!

Banking on the top talent has been and will continue to be one of the top priorities of most business houses which are on the lookout of quality performance and employee retention as it facilitates the expansion and growth of the organization. However getting the right pick for the job has become a perennial problem and is one of the biggest challenges that most companies have to face to boost their strength.  These days, to overcome this hurdle many corporations seek assistance of RPO firms. The Human Resource outsourcing Association (HROA) defines RPO as “a form of business process outsourcing where an employee transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external service provider.”

Recruitment solutions at Rpo Hire allows a group of expert Rpo Recruiters to conduct an analysis of the clients current hiring process and policies and offer an improvised recruitment pattern with the help of top of the line recommendations and suggestions by industry geniuses this not only helps track candidates who are potential but also adheres to the recruitment projects timeline and enables a deliverable schedule of candidates, solely based on the priority of roles that require to be duly filled in.

RPO Hire’s extensive range of services makes it easier for them to handle the RPO recruitment process for a diverse group of roles for which the client otherwise had to deal with several other hiring agencies. As such bonding with Rpo hire not only saves their valuable time but also helps cut down on the cost of hiring from other sources and reduce the turnover rates. It also allows the company to pay attention to other aspects of their business rather than spending all their resources on hiring requirements.

In addition Rpo Hire also provides the option of bringing in specialized recruiters and has ties with the world’s leading job portals and boards which helps in the significant decrease in the hiring time along with a better insight to the employer’s criterions, Rpo hire’s recruiters have a deeper knowledge  and understanding of the organizational culture and values as they have been offering their recruitment solutions for quite some time and have gained considerable experience in the field of recruitment process outsourcing which empowers them to source the right fit in a pool of proficient candidates.