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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Relating To RPO Providers

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Relating To RPO Providers

In order to assess the RPO providers one has to know the criteria and the metrics as well as follow suggestions such as asking questions to the RPO and getting the answers straight from the horse’s mouth. This includes:

  • Size of the company- one can ask the RPO provider the size of the companies they typically work with as some RPO’s are equipped to handle large hiring volumes while others are capable of only limited for lesser positions clearance per year. Figuring out the hiring need and finding the provider with the right capacity is the key to a good partnership.
  • Specific services offered – It is essential to know whether the RPO provider brings value to the hiring function. In addition, one can partly outsource or completely given to the PRO solution for outsourcing the entire process from job intake to the new employee on boarding procedure.
  • Industry experience – When recruiting for sales or technology specifically, it is important to note whether the RPO provider has ample experience with other firms in the similar space.
  • Platform technology incorporated – Many RPO’s are specialists in ATS systems and they can definitely help the organization in assessing their current systems and enable to make the recommendations or implement suitable alternatives.
  • Experience with compliance requirements – this is very relevant in certain industries such as the government sectors and healthcare services wherein the RPO is required to have proper knowledge and understanding in order to handle and manage the compliance requirements. Finding this upfront is crucial before zeroing in on the right RPO partner.

The above-mentioned aspects pertain to the external decision making of the RPO and may further be analyzed to work upon the internal talent acquisition requirements to help decide on the outsourcing functions needed and the outsourcing partner that is best suited.

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