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How RPO Outperforms Your In-House Corporate Recruiting Function

How RPO Outperforms Your In-House Corporate Recruiting Function

There are many factors that add to the complexity of recruiting operations for companies. This also includes embracing innovation in recruiting technology and control over the talent pool. The core capabilities of Recruitment process outsourcing is recruiting yet they ought to have specialized skills, in-depth industry knowledge as well as tools and techniques to find the top talent in a highly competitive and continuously evolving environment. One of the major features of RPO that is also a differentiator for them is their consistent learning and grasping ability to adapt as recruiting team members.

It has to be remembered that organizations often have a tough time trying to keep up with the changes in the recruiting landscape, in addition to all the other tasks that corporate recruiters are required to carry out beyond recruiting. Rpo’s are essentially trained to recruit top-of-the-line talent with whom the in-house recruiters may not be able to engage like that of passive candidates i.e. skilled workforce who is presently employed and are not very actively responding to job listings or applying for a position when browsing through a career webpage of an organization.

In addition to the above as well as external factors such as technology and quantum of the talent pool, there are present internal factors that might as well contribute to the complexity of the hiring process. The staffing requirements of the companies are likely to fluctuate based upon the rising demands of the businesses. At high hiring peak levels, the recruiting team of the organization might be understaffed and may not have the capability to meet the hiring demands. The in-house recruiters have yet another external challenge to face that is, hiring for different positions across several industry verticals. An RPO provides an organization the means to expand its recruiting capacity in the most cost effective manner.

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