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Importance of Centralized Talent Pipeline in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Importance of Centralized Talent Pipeline in Recruitment Process Outsourcing

While discussing about strategic partnerships it also interesting to note how a strong and reliable stream of candidates for hiring can be developed with the help of active recruiting partnerships that work for each other’s interests. This stream of top-notch talent is created by funneling all the viable candidates’ into one talent pipeline, which is referred to as the centralized talent pipeline. Studies have also found that the organizations actively involved using a central pipeline model have been reported to reach the active and passive candidate by a ratio of 2.5 to 1 where as other companies are at 9.5 to 1.

A centralized talent pipeline comprises not only of the active skilled candidates that preside in the candidate pool but also the presence of other candidate categories such as the active unskilled, passive unskilled skilled and the passive unskilled. By staying appeasing to all the candidates, the organization ensures that it always has an option in the wings, regardless of the state of the employment market.

The key to developing a centralized talent pipeline is ensuring that the candidates who are not actively looking for new jobs are aware of the culture and job opportunities that can be found in the organization they have been enrolled to. In true essence, the employer branding is the company marketing which is responsible for business branding. The perception of the organization in the eyes of the customers and the stakeholders in the market place is very important. The HR is the driver of all processes in this regard, as the HR is mainly responsible for creating the perception of the organization. As an employer, the organization is looked up by all the candidates in the outside world and all the employees currently associated with the organization.

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