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Strategic Measures for C-Level Executive Recruitment

Strategic Measures for C-Level Executive Recruitment

As discussed in the previous article, one of the superlative measures for hiring c-level executive is deciding to search internally for the new executive. Ascertaining that the person to be recruited shares the companies’ vision, mission and values. This element within the candidate becomes even more crucial if the company happens to be a startup, since the new hire may not necessarily be a good fit if they do not completely believe in the goals of the organization and what they are looking forward to achieve as a combined effort and accomplishment.

To spot the above fit, one should look for characteristics that comprise of the necessary traits within the executive that will make him/her a perfect fit for the organization. This is practically similar to owning a pet for a pet food company or adopting an active and healthy lifestyle for a nutrition or fitness organization. Relevancy is the point here. While making the final decision with regard to hiring C- level executive it has to be remembered that this executive will be managing a lot of people, if the new hire fails to connect with those under his management or has trouble influencing leadership style into the department, then the hiring may prove to be a failure. On the other hand, ensuring that the current employees play a deciding role for their new boss could be a welcome sign towards a healthy work environment. The recruitment at a higher executive level should not be left to the recruiter or the hiring manager alone, if the company consists of a board of directors, then involving then can also be a good practice.

Preparing for transitions is yet another strategic measure for not just hiring at the executive level but any strata for that matter; however, it is significant for C-level hires. If the hire is new to the firm or position then they should be given the requisite time to adjust and prepare themselves for the role responsibilities. It must be ensured that everybody understands the transition period and prepares to give a chance to the new hire to perform their best and lead the team.

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