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Ways to Avoid Employee Burn Out and Save Human Capital

The business world these days is all about multitasking and working long hours since deadlines are shorter and bandwidths thin, this leads to an incessant risk of burnout. The of the hour is for a blend of work and life balance as well as the downright intrusive recreational requirement for all times to come. At the end of the day, all employees prefer giving themselves a pat on the back for being sturdy and boasting of the hours of effort slammed into the work. However, it needs to be realized that an organization does not wish to leverage investing its human capital to see burnout take its toll over the long haul in the coming years.

One of the ways to ensure that employees do not exhaust themselves until they are out of the juice and lead to an expensive tune up, is to strategically understand the standpoint both from the managers as well as employee perspective. On an average, encouraging monthly or bi-monthly events in a company, ranging from potlucks, lunchtime yoga, food- drives and cook offs as well as sharing successes of the teammates could go a long way in maintaining a balance and harmony among the employees as well as evade the fear of a possible burn out.

The management of the organization also has a crucial role to play in proactively helping avoid a burnout situation and actively honing the skills of the employees with positive experiences. Another way that could be handy in averting the burnout is close observance, as it is always better to know which tasks need immediate feedback and which task do not require the employees to respond immediately. It is essential for the employees to make them realize that it not about burdening their plate with responsibilities but to get through everything in a quality driven manner.

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