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Change Management in an RPO Relationship

Change Management in an RPO Relationship

Recruitment process outsourcing is always a strategic partnership that can result in the provision of great improvisation of the internal hiring processes. These improvisations need to be handled well in order to make the RPO relationship successful and enable the organization to solve their complex and sophisticated recruiting and hiring issues.

Out of the many services offered by RPO, providers are the value added services such as training the internal hiring team of the organization. This type of training is based upon the requirements of the organization and the specialties’ offered by the RPO partner. There are a few ways in which recruitment process outsourcing partners can provide assistance.

Orgnizational changes never come easy. These changes at work are often a volatile period for any organization. During this period, the organization experiences a pushback from the employees. It is estimated that more than 65% of the change programs often fail to achieve their goals due to the possible pressure of employee resistance. Pushback during an outsourced partnership such as Recruitment process Outsourcing should be expected. A professional and experienced RPO partner will provide an organization with hiring Managers, recruiting the employees and hiring the other “Top- Management “. In addition to offering the services change management training enables them to completely understand the role of the RPO in the change process.

Change management means an all-new process training that makes the outsourced support as part of the team and enables the organization to set the tone for the partnership. The hiring managers although may not notice a distinctive change on the surface from their perspective however the service will eventually improve steadily without experiencing any decline. The purpose of the change management with the help of RPO support is not to wash hands off responsibility or shouldering it to someone else entirely and losing control. It is a process with better outcome with true partnership from the start to finish
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