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Common Mistakes in RPO selection

Common Mistakes in RPO selection

Recruitment Process Outsourcing services and the way it performs have been a hot topic ever since the inception of this unique service industry. It has often been one of the most talked about field, especially for corporate leaders who wished to indulge in the same and help transform their company’s performance and revenues. They move ahead with fielding inquiries from those who have already experimented with the novel industry method and improved their lagging operations with sophisticated and seamless procedures. However, some corporate leaders do make a common mistake of selecting and implementing RPO services without actually taking a step forward and conducting a due diligence to help establish and outline their business perspectives, exact requirements and finally the expected results.

The above anomaly also leads to the development of ignorance on the scales of understanding the cultural dependency, establishment of the objectives as discussed earlier and the comprehensive application of the process, i.e. its full-scale implementation. Since the word “Recruiting” is a widely referred term to placements and is more often than not used in context with the staffing agencies, it is also noticed that many corporate leaders also based their RPO selection on the same lines as they did for the staffing agencies, with little or no due diligence. This approach is a disadvantageous as their services differ from each other and has to be carried out with more caution.

The selection of an RPO provider is a choice that is bound to have its effects on the business as well as the reputation of the HR. it therefore needs to be understood that it requires the same amount of effort as is required to pour in selecting an Applicant Tracking System. Apparently, it would be an understatement not to mention that an RPO system has a more influential role to play in the business cycle than an ATS system.

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