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Reasons for Failure of Traditional Hiring Part – I

Reasons for Failure of Traditional Hiring Part – I

Sometimes it is difficult for good candidates to land up a good job. To add to the woes sometimes it is not the fault of on the candidate’s part but the traditional hiring process is to be blamed. This is so because the traditional hiring process is prone to failure in a number of ways. One of the reasons being that they emphasize on the wrong requirements making it impossible for the worthy candidates to find positions they are appropriate for and vice versa. We shall in this portion of the topic focus on what leads to the failure of traditional hiring methods and what makes Recruitment Process outsourcing Services superlative than the latter.

First things first it all begins with the job description and if that is a failure then the rest follows suit. The traditional hiring module focuses on unnecessary requisitions for instance a “decade experience for SEO marketing executive” which makes it absurd. Recruitment process outsourcing on the other hand can help with the creation of better job descriptions in terms of relevancy, criteria and qualities that are required for the position. For instance if there is a need for someone who has a successful and proven record to get the website to the first page of the search engine results, then he might be the apt fit rather than looking for a person with dual qualifications or more as this serves the purpose more precisely.

Another significant reason why traditional hiring fails is because of the fact that there are no metrics in traditional hiring. The reasons most organizations with traditional hiring failed is because they do not have the necessary hiring metrics such as candidate quality, turnover rates, goals, employment engagement, time duration for the candidate sourcing etc these are crucial tools for measuring the success of the hiring technique. In our next segment, we will delve deeper and explore many more reasons as to why traditional hiring fails to impress the clients.

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