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Reasons for Failure of Traditional Hiring Part – II

Reasons for Failure of Traditional Hiring Part – II

Although we discussed a few reasons in our last segment as to what leads to the failure of traditional hiring. Adding to the list is the failure to spot a cultural fit in the organization. At times, there is something or the other that goes unchecked in the hiring process. The focus is mostly laid upon the need to present a decorated resume and interviewing skills are awarded. Both the attributes are irrelevant to the fact whether the candidate is suitable for the position or not as they do not determine if the candidate will be able to do the job. It also fails to provide a clear answer whether the recruit will be a cultural fit with the rest of the employees in the organization.

On the other hand, Recruitment Process Outsourcing considers company culture as well as takes care of the employment brand when selecting or hiring the candidates for the job position. Most of the times many potential candidates tend to slip through the cracks or communication gaps. This happens especially in situations where the organization does not get back to the candidates informing them of the status of their hiring and job profile, or in the event of a change in terms of the working hours, workplace location or salary structure. This leads to a very complex hiring procedure which makes it uncomfortable for the potential hires and they tend to slip away to a more promising and lucrative offer. This may give the allied companies or competitors’ the chance to grab the best candidates’ fresh off the boat and convince them to accept the offer.

There are several other minor reasons that could lead to the failure of the traditional hiring process apart from those mentioned in our two part series.

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