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Staying Ahead In the Competitive Recruiting Environment.

Staying Ahead In the Competitive Recruiting Environment.

Filling up the job positions these days especially when the requirement is critical does not seem to be lucrative. The trend is to be active and participative in the competitive job market. This requires the development of candidate pipelines and management of candidate pools among the other talent acquisition strategies. According to a recent study on the present state and future of the hiring and recruiting strategy from expert views on talent acquisition, presented various perceptions that came to the forefront while discussing the top challenges in talent acquisition faced by organizations.

One of the major challenges faced by almost all companies or organizations irrespective of their size or dimension is the fact that they are overtly reactive to the recruiting requirements of the business units they cater to rather than being highly proactive. Most talent acquisition groups consistently lag in their capacity to be forward – thinking as most recruiting teams continue to focus on the job filings for the need rather than the organizational unit goal. This particular mindset keeps them away from developing and evolving from a transactional TA function into the consultative recruiting powerhouse that the business requires of them.

In order to bring about a change to this sort of mindset , the recruiting teams need to be realigned , re-skilled and aptly trained periodically so that they can enhance their skills consistently as technologies as well as the hiring landscape transform. They need to develop stronger business acumen and evolve as advisors and not executors. Organizations prepared and focusing on developing their recruiting teams in this manner as well as growing their brand presence for better and more lasting engagement with addition of the latest technology to enhance efficiency will be ahead of the cure in the year ahead as recruiting gets more complex and sophisticated.

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