Essential Steps to Ensure Successful Social Media Recruiting

Essential Steps to Ensure Successful Social Media Recruiting

Evaluation of the employment brand.
This is probably one of the most basic steps, which not only gives transparency to the candidates, but also makes the organization and the processes more streamlined. The opinion of the potential candidates depends a lot on the employment brand and its awareness on the social networking circle. As such, the employment brand has to be very well within the frames to fit the picture and hence should be present even before one ventures into social media recruiting.

Platform functionality and relevancy.
Another crucial rule in social media and marketing is realizing the utility of the social media platform and what purpose does it serve when marketing on Facebook vs. LinkedIn or Pinterest. It is also applicable to social media recruiting on Facebook vs Glassdoor or any other portal. Facebook is conventional, informal and more informally communicative whereas LinkedIn on the other hand is strictly professional and association driven, whereas Pinterest is visual, intimate and/ or personal. These few social media platform have their own set of similarities and differences in the recruiting processes all these are suited for achieving different goals.

Mobile internet awareness.
Presently the usage of mobile internet has surpassed the use of desktop internet, which implies that more and more people are having access to the internet over their mobile devices and Smartphone’s. Similarly, many people are job searching and looking for open positions too. More so, the younger lot being the early adopters of change needs to be scouted demographically.

Defining candidate personality.
For recruiting to be successful on the social media platform one needs to prepare in advance about profiling the talent that one is in need of. Likewise content need to be created to the world across for the requirements. Profiling talent is immensely important to come across candidate personas and engaging potential candidates for the open positions.

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