Evolution of Recruitment Process Outsourcing with Mobile Recruiting

Evolution of Recruitment Process Outsourcing with Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting has become the most in demand service of the millennium and will continue to be top of the block for the next few decades especially with the onset of the Smartphone era. It has been estimated that seven out of ten candidates utilize mobile technology for searching jobs online, whereas three out of the ten apply for a job with the help of a mobile device. So a lot needs to be done to reach and attract the job seekers and find out the great talents to work with companies that are ahead of the curve.

There are many things one can do to know if they can get started with the mobile recruiting or at least start thinking strategically into how well they can accommodate it with the overall recruiting strategy of the organisation. It has also been reported via a study that job seekers need and want mobile friendly career sites and working on this could be the first step. However to cater to this demand here are a few statistics that could be kept in view:

  • Firstly almost 75% of the job seekers look forward to receiving their career opportunity related information on their Smartphone’s.
  • More than 85% of the candidates think that job organisations having mobile –friendly and user friendly websites are more reliable.
  • 88% of those who have a Smartphone at their disposal admit to the fact that they would use it for searching jobs.

Although Mobile recruiting has attained its maturity stage in the industry many companies may still be at a point where they haven’t placed emphasis on having a mobile interface career website which is compatible with other illustrative electronic devices. A company without this advantage can easily lose candidates to its competitor in a competing position. Considering the fact that many job seekers have been eagerly embracing the mobile recruiting pattern it makes it a must have on the company’s recruiting strategy list.

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