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Here’s what it takes to retain millennial talent! | Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services - RPOHIRE

Here’s what it takes to retain millennial talent!

Here’s what it takes to retain millennial talent!

Company’s spend much time and capital for recruiting, hiring, training their young employees. They are also provided with a good benefits package, a decent pay and a job in a complex work environment. So why is it that off late most millennial employees especially the ones in their late 20’s and early 30’s are deciding to hop on to other prospective positions? According to experts, it has been found that this particular demographic group, i.e., the millennial generation largely opines that the values of their employers bears a great significance and focus upon the organizational themes such as profit generation, collaboration and team work as well as customer satisfaction.

The millennial hires on the contrary want more than just that as they look forward to relationship oriented values from their employers such as work-life or work-home balance, loyalty, respect, honor, employee recognition etc apart from professional and stable career development, partial authority, clarity of expectation , fun and excitement at work and employee well being.

As such, the difference in value focus between the millennial employees and the employers often negatively affects the engagement as well as the retention of the millennial generation of employees. This could be one of the prime reasons why most millenials are on the lookout for new job opportunities.

Some of the benefits desired by the millenials include the following:

  • Optimum payment and benefits.
  • Good career development opportunities
  • Performance recognition
  • Open and close communications
  • Flexible work timings and environment
  • Fun at work
  • Strong managerial and leadership team.

Certain survey reports suggest that millennial employees have expectations from the employers to appreciate their efforts and hence feel empowered at the workplace. The survey also indicates momentous opportunity for employers who offer satisfactory work experiences to their employees to match with the life- work values of the millennials and in return enhance the long-term retention.