HR- Marketing Merger for Spotting the Right Talent

HR- Marketing Merger for Spotting the Right Talent

The fast-paced candidate driven market is anything but dependable as employees look out for better opportunities to hop on to. In such a situation holding onto those employees that are the crème of the organization is one of the toughest challenges that stands blaring in the hot labor market. Therefore, what can organizations possibly do to get hold of the situation as well as the employees? The solution lies in consistent recruitment practices just as much as recruiting external candidates. This requires the enterprise to develop a collaborative approach amongst the HR and marketing departments and understanding where exactly they work together.

When we talk about HR meets marketing we need to understand that although contemporarily marketing and HR are very distinctive and have individual roles and responsibilities in an organization. Marketing is basically in charge of branding and designing, advertising, style guides, trade shows, press releases, social media, websites and flyers among a host of other things.

Human resources on the other hand handle all the communication pertaining to the employees of the organization. They are mostly in charge of the job descriptions, sourcing strategies, and new employee orientation and on boarding, open enrollments, conflict resolutions/ coaching, employee handbooks and management of employee social events.

There are very meager borders to HR and marketing since both have quite similar objectives applied to varied audiences. Marketing is considered responsible for branding the business, making the perception of the enterprise by getting the customers and stakeholders in the marketplace. Whereas HR is responsible for branding the employer and creating the perception of the enterprise as an employer by getting candidates from the outside world as well as the existing employees success stories. Enterprise consisting of an effective employer brand typically soars high when it comes to reaping the benefits.

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