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Interview Management to Assess Potential Candidates | Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services - RPOHIRE

Interview Management to Assess Potential Candidates

Interview Management to Assess Potential Candidates

One of the crucial steps to create a successful recruiting process is by conducting structured interviews. A good interview benefits all. Interviews in general give a comprehensive idea and information required to make the right hiring decisions and promoting the organization’s good employer brand status to the prospective employees and clients.

However, it is often noticed that busy and stressed up hiring managers often go in for cold and wing interviews. Instead of determining, the competencies required for the position ahead of the interview and design the interview questions based upon those competencies. Asking several candidates the same series of questions and finding how each one of them fares at the interview. By choosing to prepare ahead of time, the hiring managers can efficiently and effectively compare and analyze the candidates and select the best person for the job.

When engineering questions for the interview make sure that the questions are vastly relevant to the job position and brings to the forefront the caliber of the candidates, so, what type of interview questions should be structured on competencies? An example for this could be a sales position, where one of the key components or chief competency would be perseverance. For this, an effective interview question may be to ask the job candidate to tell about his or her experience about a certain period in their career where he/she gave up too soon. On the other hand, felt that the task at hand was too tough for them to handle and quit the challenge. Yet another example for a trainer , one of the key competency would be presentation skills , as such one might as well ask the job candidate about a time when they ran into a resistant audience and how they handled the situation.

After asking each candidate the same set of questions for similar profile assess the answers with superior grading in order to sort the best candidate for the job position.