Latest Trends In Recruiting Technology

Latest Trends In Recruiting Technology

Recruiting as is popularly is a “people –technology –process” service model. As such recruiting technology is an essential component of the three-pronged recruiting model and also one of its rapidly evolving components. In this article, we present a gist of the top recruiting trends and updates of the talent acquisition technology. Evolving technology plays a crucial role in the way most companies approach for hiring and talent search.

Recently four new trends have been reported to be topping the charts and leading the change in recruiting technology. These include the following:

  • Digital hiring recruitment model
  • Quick and easy application systems
  • Recruiting passive candidates
  • Enhanced usage and application of data analytics.

AI or artificial intelligence bears a great influence on recruiting and hiring. It offers massive opportunities and capabilities for candidate screening and sorting. However it has its own distinctive pros and cons when delving deeper into the AI via the various technologies that emerge to give a precise and honest feedback of how exactly these technologies help or no help to the talent acquisition sector.

It is also true that with the identification of the changing economic and political trends shaping the wider talent pool and the strategies needed to acquire it, companies look forward to adapt to technology solutions that are best suited to the fast-changing recruiting environment.

It is absolutely clear that organizations these days require nothing short of technologies that can only attract top talent, offer comprehensive support to the recruiters and empower the organization to grow and develop. Thankfully, data analytics support, open talent acquisition suites, talent pools and communities, mobile optimization and much more is readily and easily available and can enhance experiences for both candidates as well as recruiters while offering insight on HR for business leadership. These are some of the current and future prospective states of the talent acquisition technology.