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Metrics for Selecting the Best RPO Provider for Your Organization

Metrics for Selecting the Best RPO Provider for Your Organization

Making the selection for a recruitment process outsourcing provider is a crucial decision for any organization. Recruitment process outsourcing solution can actually be a complete talent acquisition solution for an organization having a business impact that can have dramatic influence on the organization. Although we have earlier discussed how to ensure if the RPO is, the perfect fit for the enterprise or the case for determining the top executives. It is essential to zoom in on excavating the right RPO partnership out of the multiple options available in the market.

Most organizations operate with consultants by means of the selection procedure while many others rely on the internal staff with the help of prior RPO experience who can assist them through the process. Either method that one pursues one has to make a mandatory check or evaluation of the RPO vendors and carriers based upon a certain set criterion. According to the top hats of the industry who have worked with hundreds of organizations for many years, recommend placing emphasis on the following:

  • Types of services offered.
  • RPO providers offer a varied service offerings pertaining to sourcing, screening, interviewing and assessing the candidates. Some among them are strategic and contribute towards employer branding, culture fit as well as technology consultation.
  • Recruiting expertise and experience.
  • Assessment of the recruiters as well as the RPO provider is essential to know if they can handle the task.
  • Advertising and Job marketing.
  • Technology and Procedures
  • The metrics adopted and executed.
  • Candidate management

Apart from the above-mentioned steps one can look for online assistance with the help of online tools specially designed to offer a searchable listing of the most fitting and vetted RPO providers with their company details and information like the above mentioned criteria’s.