Overcoming Risks in Recruitment Process Outsourcing – II

Overcoming Risks in Recruitment Process Outsourcing – II

Earlier we had started with a few risks that come as a package when choosing to adopt a Recruitment process outsourcing service. We shall continue and give a glimpse of some of the more complex situations and risks involved and the steps to take to counter these risks.

For any business, a contract is the crucial element as it can make or break the business, weak terms and conditions within the contract could be a serious risk. Ensure that it is read before being approved and attested. If there is, anything in the contract that needs be changed it should be done immediately.

The failure to select the right corporate RPO vendor may reflect in the quality of performance as it will have different corporate values and cultures which may be a mismatch. It is imperative that the RPO provider is on equal footing with the organizations corporate culture and values else the new hires will find it difficult to stick around and the new recruiting processes will be unable to source the right fit for the organization amidst the chaos.

One of the most alarming risks of Recruitment Process Outsourcing is that companies expect too much from the RPO provider assuming that they will sort out all the recruiting and hiring problems in a whiff. This is a myth and one has to work their way out with joint endeavor to take on challenges, arrive at solutions and ensure success.

Being prepared for the worst-case scenario is extremely important as sometimes the risk for a better service or an attempt for a better solution may remain unaccomplished. This definitely does not imply that RPO is a failure; it might have not worked for the situation at hand. The best way to deal when noticing no changes or improvisations even with the RPO, is to create a list of the problem areas or recruiting points, establish the number of key outcomes to be achieved or already achieved and then relate to the hiring speed cost and quality. The above-mentioned risks, solutions and outcomes are the key metrics to analyze how RPO actually works best for the organization.