Popular Recruiting Process Outsourcing myths busted

Popular Recruiting Process Outsourcing myths busted

People are often subject to many misjudgments and misconceptions some myths are prevalent in Recruitment Process Outsourcing its providers and solutions as well. As is often noted that most Recruitment Process Outsourcing programs are designed and customized to suit client needs it also addresses a wide variety of challenges to cater to the piling client services. These myths are harmless as long as they do not interfere with the task of finding the apt RPO model or program. However, it may create issues if these are not addressed in time.

Mentioned below are some of the most popular busted myths about recruitment process outsourcing:

Losing Control

A common myth is that a company may lose control with Recruitment Process Outsourcing, which is not true even if the company happens to outsource its entire recruiting process, on the contrary it gains more power to control with the help of an apt RPO solution as you have the resources of an independent entity to take responsibility of better efficiency and output. Choosing the right RPO solution, which offers transparency and is willing to partner with the internal HR, is the key to gaining optimum control over the organization with the help of the RPO provider.

RPO Provider On A Higher Ground

Another myth is that in a Recruitment Process Outsourcing relation the RPO provider is the winner whereas the outsourcing company stands on the losing ground. However, this is a myth, the fact is that though one has to be very careful in choosing an RPO program and it will allow both the client and the provider the necessary mileage to drive organizational success via enhanced productivity, efficiency and reduction in expenditure.

Compulsory Layoffs With RPO

It is not at all necessary to lay off your staff with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing program. It can function better with the added support of your internal resources and improve the processes to help fill in open positions. It does not have to be replaced with the staff if they not inconsistent or hefty on the company budget.

RPO Solutions Tend To Be Over Budget

As mentioned above one of the key benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing is that it helps in controlling expenses via a faster hiring and sourcing time, overall improved output and least turnover. On an average, it has been noted that Recruitment Process Outsourcing has able to cut down recruitment costs by up to 40% for all types of companies irrespective of its size.

RPO Works Best For Big Companies Only

This demographic myth was a reality initially when RPO was first introduced however with time many medium and small companies have taken a step forward in showing their interest towards obtaining Recruitment Process Outsourcing services.

RPO Only Undertakes Complete Recruiting

It does not necessarily have to be total recruiting or nothing. It can be anywhere from a few hard to fill in positions to full cycle recruiting depending on the requirement of the client.

RPO Will Wipe Off All Recruiting Issues Instantly.

Although RPO is known for overcoming recruiting challenges, however it should not be viewed as a quick fix for recruiting problems. Recruitment Process Outsourcing it is an interrelated and interdependent process. Both the Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers as well as the client have to play their respective roles to reach the desired results.

People interested in Recruitment Process Outsourcing should obtain adequate information about all aspects of Recruitment Process Outsourcing, if they are planning to outsource any part of their recruiting functions. Knowing about Recruitment Process Outsourcing in a detailed manner can help in making a good decision to opt for the right Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution.