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Recruitment Process Outsourcing- A Comprehensive Overview | Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services - RPOHIRE

Recruitment Process Outsourcing- A Comprehensive Overview

Recruitment Process Outsourcing- A Comprehensive Overview

Recruitment has seen constant change especially in the last couple of years. In addition, technical advancement has only added to the increasing number in recruitment platforms and models bringing a diverse change in the expectations of the candidates. The recruitment industry has accelerated its pace for competitiveness and it is believed that in the present situation, it is just not enough to offer rewards and incentives in terms of employee benefits or for that matter, a higher salary to attract top recruits but much more is required to come across professionally trained qualified and competent employees.

Companies or organizations who find it difficult to manage their recruiting processes can consider the following Recruitment Solutions to cater to their recruitment requirements:

Project RPO

This type of RPO also known as project based RPO is used for a specific project, area or specialization. It can be done for expansion, creation of a new department or for a particular number of pre-defined hires. It is one of the top ways to leverage the resources of a responsible and reputed RPO provider without having to shelve out a considerable amount for carving out an internal recruiting team for the organisation.

Selective Recruitment

This can also be a considerably good choice for those who wish to outsource part of their recruitment processes. Although similar to the above-discussed Project RPO, it can be distinguished from the former in the following ways. This outsourcing model is undertaken to focus on the core process of your project, which may be developing the employer brand, enhancing candidate flow and experience and most importantly reducing overall operational expenses. This type of Selective Recruitment can be customized by choosing the solution on priority and leveraging your internal resources for specific tasks.

Recruitment Training and Consultation

Recruitment consultation and training is required when a company faces issues like low candidate quality, expediting hiring costs, massive turn over time, unqualified or mismatched resumes. This aspect of recruitment will help in evaluating the recruiting process undertaken by the organization and subsequently its improvement. This could be a good measure for startups that are developing and need a recruiting solution for support. It is also the best step for companies who already have a fully functional RPO solution and wish to learn how to get the most of their recruitment drive.

Professional Staffing Services

Professional Staffing Services is a good choice of recruiting solution is your company is an industry specific entity, where every position is hard to fill. Service type focus on the unique requirements based on the industry type. This can be considered a lucrative option for most health care, life sciences, aerospace, defense and engineering services.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This basically implies a situation where an employee transfers all or part of its recruitment process to an external service provider. An RPO provider on the other hand, may help to offer its own or incorporate the company staff, techniques and processes. However, it should be remembered that RPO largely differs from other staffing companies and contingent work force solutions as well as retained search providers based upon the fact that it undertakes the responsibility of designing the recruitment process and the outcome.

If you consider that, your company is need of a recruiting solution and would like to seek some help to spot the apt recruitment process outsourcing provider. Contact us and our professional and verified consultants will get back to you immediately.