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Understanding RPO engagements – Three standard models for your RPO engagements! | Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services - RPOHIRE

Understanding RPO engagements – Three standard models for your RPO engagements!

Understanding RPO engagements – Three standard models for your RPO engagements!

In this blog, we will discuss the exact time and measures to consider a recruitment program with an RPO provider, we shall take a deeper look at what and how exactly a practicing RPO looks like and the three models of RPO engagement. With so many companies on the rise and each claiming to be an RPO provider, it creates a difficult scenario for the buyers to delve into the enterprise. It has to be noted that when the RPO industry was gaining popularity, the companies that had anything to do with hiring and recruiting started adding Recruitment process Outsourcing to the list of services provided by them. This tendency is still in vogue and confuses the buyers often when on the lookout for genuine and authenticated RPO providers.

For overcoming the above situation the buyers must first need to understand what RPO and what an RPO engagement comprises. According to experts, the prime reason why any company is able to accomplish its goals of fail its targets is the hiring strength behind them and the quality of hires. This implies that Recruiting forms an essential aspect of RPO, business development and its eventual success. When recruiting is managed by professional experts and talented candidates with the help of international resources and focus mainly upon the company’s specialties’ it can lead to a tremendous boost to the business and prove to be an asset to the company.

As such to understand RPO, buyers must gather knowledge about the three standard models of RPO engagements:

On- Demand RPO

The first and most strategic model On-demand RPO is brought into practice at times when the company experiences unusual flux in the business. The company may experience sudden spurt of growth in business and in the next, it may need to downsize it staff owing to lack of successful ventures. On- demand RPO is the solution for rapid changes in the company environment, it is a contract-based agreement where the RPO provider knows and understands the needs of the company and how things work there, its processes and the anticipated results. They are ready to intervene whenever their help is required and perform simply as an extension of the company’s hiring manger’s team.

Functional RPO

In this type of RPO, business model the RPO provider is offered only a part or division of the company for undertaking its hiring need and has no direct links with the in house hiring team. It individually handles the recruiting of the division that is in need of hires that are more aggressive and in that case, the RPO provider is restricted only to the hiring needs of the particular division. This ensures that the particular department or division, which was lacking in proper hires, will get quality recruits and the in house hiring team can focus on the other recruiting needs of the company.

Full Cycle RPO

Finally, the full or complete Recruitment Process Outsourcing offers complete internal recruiting functions to a company. In this process all, the important aspects such as sourcing, marketing as well as interviewing are undertaken by the RPO provider. This makes sure that each part of the recruitment is carried out under expert supervision of the RPO provider that specializes in Recruitment Process outsourcing. In addition, if the company HR leader wishes to make recruits on its own it can have access to the providers’ full range of resources, providing the company a massive advantage.

The above-discussed three models of RPO engagements can be flexibly crafted as contracts between the company and the RPO provider. Any RPO engagement can fall anywhere in between the above discussed models. In addition, RPO providers offer a diverse range of services from contingency and retained staff, staff augmentation, and candidate searching and sourcing. RPO providers provide their clients the invaluable edge of expertise and resources, which the company is unable to possess on its own.