Best practices to boost social media recruiting

Best practices to boost social media recruiting

Social media is one of major recruiting medium, which is very critical for hiring active as well as passive candidates. The optimum usage of this medium of this communication channel can extend the outreach of the company and its employer branding far and wide. It is actually way beyond the typical job boards and can even assist the company as an extension of their in-house referral program.

Even though it is attractive, it would not be sensible to sign up for every social media outlet that is available online. The use of social media channels, wisely and effectively can help augment the recruiting process a notch higher with a more measured and filtered approach. It is much easier than the conventional mailing system and has a more informal touch when connecting with the candidate making them comfortable and providing them their home ground space to be at ease and open up about themselves and their work preferences.

The industry best talent acquisition experts offer the following tips and practices to be incorporated when refining the social media wing of recruitment to make the most of the time and resource invested. This includes:

  • Focusing on the positions to be filled.
  • Leveraging the present employees.
  • Having a written policy
  • Establishing social media presence prior to the recruiting

We shall be dealing with each of these practices I details, in the upcoming articles. However what is of utmost importance to note here is that social media is a strong global platform that helps connect easily saving a lot of time effort and capital. If utilized consistently it may help an organization to get talented, experienced and persevering candidates as their prospective employees. It is undoubtedly one of the best talent acquisition tools of the century.