Dealing With Long Candidate Search in Recruiting Procedures

Dealing With Long Candidate Search in Recruiting Procedures

There are multiple reasons why companies embark on services of an RPO provider. These may include services like searching for quality candidates, decreasing the expenses and time-to-hire. However, there are times when the RPO providers fail to achieve the expected results within the stipulated time and may not get access to the right candidate for the position in time. This may create a stressful situation and lead to the development of frustration as the days keep passing. In order to deal with such a situation a solution needs to be worked out which will enable everyone to stop finding faults with each other and work in mutual harmony and cooperation to be back on the same team again.

Pooling all the potential with a combined effort from all ends is a mark of good business leadership, especially when the search for a potential candidate is taking more time than required, recruiting experts, in such a condition suggest offering the following four options to the clients:

  • Changing the job specs and keep searching
  • Need not change the job specs and keep changing
  • Hiring someone already interviewed
  • Giving Up

Authentically, the above four are the only options available. They can either choose to keep a candidate from the talent pool, try to change the specs of the job and try searching, keep the specs same and search again or give up trying too hard and declare the hiring a failure. It is often observed that things go off beam when there is a lack of communication and a fruitful dialog between the members of a team, certain basic steps to bring together all the team members under one vision can help to take the right decision.

Apart from the choices discussed, experts also suggest that someone may even choose to eliminate or appoint another recruiter. The only issue with this available option is that it will elongate the search time even more as one would have to start search all over again right from the scratch. Team effort, effective communication and active participation of all the members can only help avert long candidate search problem.