Industry Best Practices For Hiring Interns

Industry Best Practices For Hiring Interns

Hiring intern is not a diverse procedure than hiring employees for an organization. Although an intern is normally assumed to be a short-term candidate, who is often low paid, sometimes works without pay for experience or career compulsion and is usually fresh off the boat. Nevertheless, the best practices according to industry standards should be applicable when hiring candidates for internships. Mentioned below are some of the best practices for hiring interns. Incorporating these in the intern recruiting procedure, will provide a comprehensive and gratifying experience to both the candidate pursuing the internship program as well as the organization.

Firstly giving the candidates a clear picture of what is in store for them is a significant step in intern hiring. Candidates who will be unpaid or low paid need to know their role responsibilities. It is critical to make them aware what knowledge they can avail from the experience. Similar to normal hiring practices it is feasible to ensure that the potential candidates are completely aware of the advantage of working for the organization. In return, they may also be given weekly pays, stipends, or career scholarships.

Secondly maintaining a Consistent candidate pipeline is crucial if the company engages in running an internship program regularly. Creating and maintaining a good candidate pipeline is one of best practices for intern hiring. In some cases, one may also enjoy the option of rehiring an intern if the latter is interested in working with the organization for a longer time.

Another important aspect is being decisive about the type of person one hires, whether they are competent and will be able to fit the job culture and do not leave the position in a week or two. In addition, there should be present alongside the interns some specific dedicated professionals to manage and guide. It should be accepted that a good intern hiring strategy works best when the interns can ask their queries, learn to reason and find a solution for trouble shooting.

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