Making the Choice for the Perfect Recruiting Model

Making the Choice for the Perfect Recruiting Model

A company which is experiencing a disorganized recruiting process can initiate steps for improvement by examining and innovating the recruiting model. Based upon the problems and situations faced by the organization, one out of the following three models of recruiting procedures can help best in alleviating the pressures and make an improvisation in the current model. According to a recent Recruitment Process Outsourcing case study hosted by the co-founder of a reputed RPO firm has explained these recruiting models saying that Recruitment Process Outsourcing can never be a one size fits all solution and it definitely needs time and expertise to work out the right solution to suit the business requirements.

One can choose from the following recruiting models:

  • Insource

    In this type of recruiting model, the internal resources carry out all the hiring functions. It is the default model that usually companies begin with before deciding upon a recruitment process outsourcing firm for support. This recruiting model is also the one to face most pressing situations such as decreased staff, rising candidate volumes and the constant learning and training to keep up with the latest recruiting techniques.

  • Outsource

    A complete reverse of the insource recruiting model, the outsourcing model implies to hiring all functions by an external RPO service provider. This may mean an end-to-end RPO or a solo project RPO requirement. Earlier the outsourcing model had relevancy only for the massive and huge companies that constantly hire and source or for handling the corporate recruiting etc however, the trend has evolved and medium and small companies are adopting to outsource.

  • Co-Source

    The co-sourcing recruiting model is the perfect amalgamation of insource and outsource recruiting models, making the best use of both to meet client requirements. The split can be based upon individual positions, seasonal spikes, location etc. It is the best recruiting model for addressing external recruiting pressures such as greater competition for top talent.

Although each recruiting model is different it may involve certain improvisations in the recruiting models depending upon the requirement of the organization, since each model is different making the choice for the right recruiting model will depend upon the business and its needs, therefore having a game plan is imperative for success.