Overcoming The Challenges Faced In The Recruiting And Hiring Industry

Overcoming The Challenges Faced In The Recruiting And Hiring Industry

There are probably quite a few challenges in the hiring and recruiting industry that could be discussed all day long. However, what is crucial to understand is how to make these challenges a tad bit easier to overcome. Here we are going to focus on how to overcome a challenge that a research study found to be one of the greatest in the hiring and recruiting industry i.e. finding quality candidates for the position and getting them on board the organization.

Now the question that arises here is why is it a challenge to find good candidates? Well, this is so because finding good candidates is much more than simply finding people who can read out their resumes and look presentable in their interview. It is more about finding those who have in addition to a good personality a set of desired skills the employers require for the position to be occupied.

The study from the research revealed that the C-Level, Mid Level as well as the Executive Level management are the hardest to fill positions. As was revealed by another survey almost 65% of the applicants pursuing these positions have a dearth of strategic vision, global outlook, immaculate skills and business acumen coveted by the people hiring for these positions. Although the presence of a large talent pool makes it presumable that finding good candidates could be an easy task, nevertheless it is one of the biggest hiring challenge.

To deal with this challenge the employer or recruiter could as an option choose to focus on the current employees, and consider some of them for an open or mid level position apart from utilizing a recruiter or RPO support for the lower positions. This step of considering the in house professionals will not only boost their morale but also help save training and orientation resources.

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