Development and Maintenance of Employment Brand

Development and Maintenance of Employment Brand

Looking from the human resource point of view recruiters and human resource managers are also brand developers. They are the driving force behind a company’s strength i.e. its employees. They search and scout the best talent to fill the positions. This activity is termed as employment brand that most RPO providers, hiring managers and recruiters are mostly concerned about. In totality employment brand is more like a brand for the organization or the image of the company as a fine place to work. It the image that the company projects to applicants and potential employees.

Employment brand much like customer brand also has its league of competitors’ portray themselves as best to draw attention of talented candidates. In addition, an employer brand just like a customer brand is also determined by the presentations as well as the activities within the organization. An ideal employment brand according to a reputed consulting firm should possess the following characteristics:

  • Realistic, persuasive and combine comprehensively with the present employees of the organization.
  • Adopts the customer brand with the qualities of the workplace.
  • Distinctively differentiates the organization from others
  • Communicates with targeted recruits and employees who are more prone to survive in the company culture and get aligned with the core values, vision and mission of the organization.

Developing an employment brand requires assessing, defining and identifying the profiles of the top performers. For RPO providers, hiring managers and recruiters it is essential to understand what attributes constitutes top talent for the company and the position. Creating a brand marketing strategy and a robust marketing plan can be a crucial step in the development of the employment brand. Advertising open positions to potential candidates can be a significant step especially if hiring for competitive industries or positions. The maintenance of the employer brand depends not only on finding the candidates who can perform but also on ideal candidates who fit the brand image and eventually turn into brand ambassadors with their skills.

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