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Project RPO Impact on Business Strategies

Project RPO Impact on Business Strategies

We are already aware of the phrase “doing more with less” which found massive takers during the great recession. The period left a lasting impact on hiring and employment. Project RPO is a recruiting model that can bear considerable influence with comparatively less efforts especially when the organization is amidst cutbacks, lacks HR support and does not have the available recruiting resources. Whatever be the situation there is always a need to develop a strategy to get people onboard. Project based RPO serves this purpose immaculately without the expenses of an enterprise wide RPO program.

Many companies have figured out that although an enterprise wide program is always feasible, however, a small-scale RPO model i.e., Project RPO program can help boost the recruiting resources even if it is for a temporary phase or purpose oriented bearing a short term influence.

Project RPO can be best utilized for recruiting large no of people for a specific purpose or project. It could well be a kind of sourcing for talent for expansion, a company’s new department or extension, new sales force or an organizational event. The scope here is for a definite number of hires in a specified timeframe for a specified job role. The duration may be anything from three months to six months or even a year.

Project RPO could be a wonderful example of how one can leverage the abilities of an established recruiting team, especially the one available from leading RPO providers and making the best use of their services. It will be a profitable venture as the organization does not have to shell out extra budget for building an internal recruiting team or take the burden of having to commit to a larger outsourcing agent as in the case of an enterprise wide Recruitment Processing Outsourcing service.