Hiring Success in RPO with Talent Engagement

Hiring Success in RPO with Talent Engagement

There may be many aspects to recruiting however one of the major components of recruiting has risen into prominence and caught the attention of the talent acquisition community i.e., talent engagement and recruitment marketing.

Recruitment marketing is the bond between the brand marketing and the candidate. It plays a significant role in acquiring quality candidates. Employee engagement on the other hand plays a crucial role in delivering quality to the consumers.

One of the biggest questions in Talent engagement in RPO is understanding the employer brand. It is this underlying message that the talent engagement strategy heavily relies on for branding. As such understanding the branding or what is expected of the brand to represent and is basic to engaging the existing talent as well as acquiring potential candidates.

It is therefore very important that the candidates understand who the employer is as a company. The organization as a whole needs to ask themselves questions that lead them to the core of the organization. That is., what is the organization’s culture? What would it be like to be associated with the particular organization? What would it be like to work for and with the company? What is the organizations purpose motive and objective?

Establishing the answers to the above self-appended questions as well as marketing these ideas are not just essential for attracting the candidates that the organization desires but allows for the candidates who the company does not want to self-select out. One of the major reasons behind this is also to determine the employee value proposition (EVP) which is extremely important for a company to channelize its strengths as an organization else why would anybody be interested in wanting to work for the company in the first place. Self-discovery lays the foundation for employer branding.