RPO 101: Knowing the Candidate Marketplace

RPO 101: Knowing the Candidate Marketplace

Establishing a successful talent acquisition program requires a multifaceted process approach, which includes strong communication between the various areas of the enterprise and a heightened focus on the needs of the candidate as one of the prime requirements among other things. Eccentrically, however an often easily overlooked step in developing a successful Talent Acquisition Program is that as a Recruitment Process Outsourcing service provider one should be well adept and understood by every organization , enterprise and company in order to comprehensively understand the host company’s candidate market.

It is essential to understand the highs and lows as well as the ins and outs of the candidate market especially with regard to Recruitment process outsourcing as it is more nuanced than most organizations realize. According to RPO, experts there are primarily five requirements for every Talent Acquisition Program

The first and most important among the above is to start at the beginning. This could be well explained in a scenario where understanding the candidate market place is really called for. This is crucial in order to perform a market intelligence to understand the significant pieces of information and data about the candidate market. For instance, where does the best talent of the organization exist? As is observed by the experts it all begins with the demand and supply scale. If there are more than three times as many of the job openings as there are individuals with those special skill sets it poses a serious issue. However on the other hand if there are three times as many candidates as the job openings then that is definitely a good candidate marketplace to be in for recruiting purposes.

So, once the performance of the candidate market is defined in terms of supply and demand, it becomes easier to assess how competitive the recruiting company is in the particular market.

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