How An ON-SITE RPO Program Can Be A Favorable Proposition For Your Business!

How An ON-SITE RPO Program Can Be A Favorable Proposition For Your Business!

Many companies are not completely aware of the fact that certain reputed RPO providers offer an On-Site program where they provide for a dedicated resource on the location to handle all the immediate workforce requirements of the company. It is a very significant solution as it helps to shed off the extra burden off of the internal recruiting team of the organization, giving them the much-needed space to focus on other areas of business while the RPO provider collaborates them in their effort to towards a remarkable staffing program.

Here are a few reasons, which prove why it is a feasible option for you to engage in an On-Site Program:

Resourcing and Recruiting

RPO providers such as Rpohire, can assist organizations in recruiting and resourcing quality talent, which is suitable to the needs of your organization. Their ON-Site managers can handle each and every tier of the recruiting cycle. Their professionals are completely focused on getting across to the best candidates with the apt skill set to be the perfect match for the positions. Their vetting process at par with international standards is deep and profound and comprises even the minutest attention to detail as it includes background checks and personality assessments, which empowers them to deliver higher pedigree of recruits.


Looking for the right kind of employees also helps to focus upon their needs and helps them to retain and keep them engaged in their work. It has been noted that companies who have high employee morale also produces employees that are 24% more productive when compared to those that are not motivated. The reasons behind this could be a well etched out on-boarding process, single contact point that manages all, offering a rewards program for star performers and the careful and necessary training process. Finally, companies that are committed towards offering a positive and refreshing experience to their associates are the ones that are always in demand.

Expertise and Experience

A company’s experience in offering its On-Site program over the years also speaks volumes about its implementation and practice. The RPO partnership should be an association to maximize the investments over the contingency programs and emerge as a successful partnership. The RPO provider needs to be ready to partner with companies irrespective of shape sizes and dimensions in order to achieve the real meaning and definition of an ON-Site program for its partner. This will not only enrich their experience but also offer an expertise that they will not procure in any other forms of RPO engagement.

Reduce Co-Employment

Compliance with rules and regulations is often a challenging task and with a large contingent force, maintaining records could be burdening. An On-Site staffing model on the other hand can significantly reduce the risk co-employment within the organization. Rpohire is adept in managing all kinds of recruiting, on-boarding, benefits and payrolls processes. With their On-Site Program, they are able to address any issues instantly without bothering the internal HR team.

Single Vendor Management

As a single vendor to manage everything in place, firms such as Rpohire can manage everything under one roof from on boarding to payrolls and the like. This in turn provides the internal HR team the time and resource to focus on their internal competencies and address and HR issues with their internal colleagues without having to worry about their Temporary workforce. Companies like Rpohire can also take care of the billing requirements comprising billing from other staffing vendors and managing processes from multiple locations across the nation.