Recruiting Best Practices for a Long Candidate Search!

Recruiting Best Practices for a Long Candidate Search!

There are quite a number of reasons why most companies prefer to opt for outsourcing their recruiting needs to a Recruitment Process outsourcing Company. This may include services like sourcing and recruiting quality candidates, decreasing the expenses for the operations as well as considerably reducing the time required for the hiring process.

In certain situations when the RPO provider is unable to source a candidate, in particular for over a greater period of time i.e. when the search has taken more than 60 days the morale of the team tends to go down and frustration starts building up. In such a situation, it becomes very hard for the RPO provider to manage the situation. What should be done? According to experts, the best way to deal with such a situation is to try putting back everyone on the same team without playing the blame game. Although finding fault is human nature yet the most sensible step in this regard and a better practice at business will be to build your leadership by pulling back your team on the same page and getting them to work together towards a new plan of action to solve the problem.

When finding a certain category of candidate is taking longer than expected and there are no suitable results, in such case the following four options can be offered to the client or applied for the situation:

  • You can decide to either alter or transform to a certain degree, the features or specifications desired in the candidate search, this would provide comparatively more results.
  • Keep searching without changing the job specs, trying different job boards and portals; however, this might take considerably more time than the former.
  • Hiring someone who has previously been interviewed but rejected because positions were full, or otherwise can be absorbed and given further training to fine tune qualities.
  • Never give up, try other alternatives and substitutes that best suit the position.

Apart from all these, what a company can do is, either fire the recruiters or look for a new recruiter; however, this can prove to be a disadvantage as this will prolong the search for the candidate, as they will have to start the search with the specifications all over again.

Practically the above discussed options can be applied in the event of a long candidate search, that is either selecting a candidate from the selection pool or slightly editing the specs to fit the bill, in the least cases it may turn out that the particular specs for a candidate is impossible and declare the search a failure and move on to a new candidate profile search. It has to be remembered that things mostly do not work out when the team lacks a proper plan and there is a lack of communication between the teammates. The metrics of a successful candidate search in RPO business is to always arrive at a correct decision, which is in terms with the business goals of the collaborating company.