Role of Social Media in Recruiting and Job Search – Part I

Role of Social Media in Recruiting and Job Search – Part I

Social Media has gained a universal approach in the recent times, it has established itself as a common platform for both the recruiters as well as the job seekers in the market. Most of the social media websites on the internet are predominant storefronts in the new souk for jobs. Most reputed and recognized global leaders in Recruitment Process Outsourcing consider it to be a good deal to have a strong social media connect with potential candidates. To make this work in their best favor it is better to know and learn the metrics of understanding people and how they interact over the social media in the job market. It is also noteworthy to understand how they search for their jobs, what are the types of platforms they bring into use and most importantly how they represent themselves on social media online.

According to a global study on the utility of social media in recruitment and job profile search conducted by a leading RPO provider, we can comparatively find it easier to understand the following:

  • The purpose of Social Media for professional hiring
  • The efficiency of social media in helping match job seekers with the open job positions available in the market.
  • The relevancy of social media repute, online presence and how it affects recruiting.
  • Access to social capital of individual profiles
  • How recruiters explore the web to the best of their capacity to search for candidates.

The answers to all the above have been concluded in the study with social media emerging as the latest job marketplace for recruiters and candidates, the steady rise in social media recruiting saw an upsurge back in the year 2013 where it recorded a 53% rise in activity and which accelerated to 62% in the year to come, the year 2016 witnesses about 80% of all recruitment practices involving the internet and the social media digital tool impressively lending a cooperative assistance in its usage by the recruitment expats.

The study also revealed that on a daily basis 8 out of every 10 recruiters engaged in social media usage for their regular hiring behavior and engaged social media tools for their HR professional activities on a day-to-day basis. It was found out that out of 10 job seeker 7 were actively involved in updating their social media presence for job search related activities.

In addition to the above it has been revealed that social media is applied the most when it comes to resume sourcing and scouting online as well as their verification and background checks than the traditional search engine variations. Most jobseekers are contacted via the social media by the recruiters more than once. Finally, with candidates being live and active on the social media chat heads and instant notifications activated, it makes it easy for them to respond to a received job offer immediately.