Latest Recruiting Software’s and What to Expect!

Latest Recruiting Software’s and What to Expect!

Irrespective of how much work force an organization comprises, recruitment can still be a very complicated procedure. However, it still is a very essential process for any company. The right recruiting software in this regard can make things a lot much easier than actually scouting for talent manually.

Provided below is a list that displays the top five recruiting, software’s that HR professionals put into use to strengthen their talent pipelines:


The main audience of PCRecruitier is recruiting organizations and staffing agencies. In this, users can search through resumes using the keywords. They can monitor candidates while moving through the interview and recruitment process as well as receive emails through the software portal.


This is about getting jobs t as many people as possible so that recruiters have more options in hiring, allowing them to publish positions to 300+ social networks and automatically posting jobs to employee social media profiles to enhance referrals. Appropriate for most business types, companies that need customization and in-depth HR reporting can make the most.


This software allows HR managers of larger enterprises to review candidates and offer feedback; they also use video questionnaires for screening. It offers various career pages based on geographic location or talent specific communities. Companies having the time and resources to drill metrics and analytics can make excellent use of this software.


It is a comprehensive applicant tracking system which has on-demand video screening, ability to recruit across all social networks, integrating with other popular HR systems and career sites optimized for mobile view, appropriate for mid to large sized companies.

LinkedIn Talent

LinkedIn has been on the horizon for quite some time now and realizes it s role in talent acquisition by creating recruitment software for customers. With this recruiters can create talent pipelines, find users that are actively and passively looking for jobs as well as build a strong brand that will enhance candidate interest.