Popular Software Apps for End-To-End Recruitment

Popular Software Apps for End-To-End Recruitment

The following enlisted recruiting software applications allow HR professionals to strengthen the talent pipeline of their companies. According to the latest review from one of the top business technology review resources that offer unbiased and detail reviews to serve both buyers and vendors.


The JobDiva software offers recruitment solutions to staffing agencies and recruiting departments. It is ideal for mid –size to large companies who require end-to-end support. the program can auto update and check a through thousands of resumes to select candidates that are the best match for the position and also allows recruiters to search by filters and keywords offering utmost satisfaction.


The JazzHR keeps the workflow running smooth by allowing recruiters to assign various tasks to the HR team members; this helps track the latest candidate activities and constructs workflow for the staff to stay organized. JazzHR decreased the redundant tasks and motivates the automation of email messaging for companies of all sizes offering a streamlined applicant tracking system allowing small and mid-sized business to develop and scale.


This software allows integrating with various common softwares and helps recruiters to get access to opportunity to connect to social networking sites like LinkedIn or email the clients like Outlook or Gmail in order to post position information or send correspondence. It also allows the recruiters to test various job postings and is perfect for mid-sized businesses.

Oracle Human Capital Management

Oracle Human Capital Management is the best option to track the HR lifecycle of an employee from recruitment to retirement. It helps recruiters to recruit, screen and generate offers through the systems UI. This software is idea for large enterprises that are on the lookout for a more comprehensive HR system customization.

Smart Recruiters

This allows recruiters to intelligently and strategically market the positions internally as well as externally while housing the candidates in a smartly designed CRM system. It is meant for small to mid –size companies who do not possess and large HR staff to manage the recruitment procedures.