New trends in candidate experience, the “Black Hole”. Part – II

New trends in candidate experience, the “Black Hole”. Part – II

There are many reasons why some trends the candidate experience are the way they are, however there are two prime reasons that can be attributed to this change in trend. Firstly, the ease of people to apply for the positions via advanced technology and secondly the foundation of the recruitment drive as a transactional industry. Both have been explained in the following questions:

How technology influenced Recruitment?

With the onset of the online media presence and portals like job boards, it hardly requires a few clicks to apply for jobs. It merely takes a few minutes to post for a position online. All this makes it immensely easier for the candidates to take the shortest route possible for job search and apply. On the other hand, it also makes it easier for most companies to get an overwhelming response from the candidates as they receive scores of applications for each of the positions. It should also be noted here that although recruiters, employers and companies do not want to leave their candidates clueless and unattended in the midst of the recruiting process. Nonetheless, the way recruits are carried out without a strategic RPO approach things are left undone and they do not get a proper channel to follow up the candidates individually. As already discussed in the earlier part about what exactly the candidates and fail in such cases to achieve i.e. acknowledgement, commitment and closure.

What we mean by Transactional Recruitment?

By referring to the Recruitment Industry as a transactional Industry, we imply that it focuses towards searching the right candidate for the position rather than developing acquaintance with all the candidates who apply for the position. The black hole and the transactional recruitment are inter related, as there is a far greater focus on the former than the latter. Since the candidate experience is a significant aspect of business development and expansion and that, a candidate experience is closely related to relationship building of the brand with the customer.

The above said it also has to be remembered that recruitment technology can positively affect the candidate experience.