Top Three Tips To Enhance Candidate Experience

Top Three Tips To Enhance Candidate Experience

In some of our earlier articles, we came across the term “Black Hole” which most candidates faced in the recruitment world mostly because of this industry being a transactional one and not the kind to be based upon business relationships and also due to technology advances both in terms of publishing and in terms of searching for job. Here we will provide three simple yet effective tips that can assist many recruiters in improving and enhancing the experience of the candidates and keep them at bay from the negative attributes of the recruitment industry.


As discussed already, communication at every step of recruitment is a crucial task and is hardly any easier thing to do. The employers and recruiters are flooded with applications for every open position. However, it should be remembered that communication is something that candidates value the most and prefer if they get a direct response over phone or email. If any candidate is no longer into considered they should be informed and if someone on the other is selected, they should also be notified and given the time to ask any queries they have. This will enable to select the perfect fit for the position in least time and simpler process.

Job Description

Failure to spot the perfect candidate could also be because the job description was not sufficient to attract the right candidates for the position or it lacked something important. Simply listing the qualifications needed and the job duties the position entails is not enough to get an apt candidate for the job. This would only lead to the creation of an information gap leading to a candidate black hole experience. Incorporating industry best practices in creating a job description can prove effective.

Talent Marking

In most recruiting linguistics we come across terms like “years of experience”, people required who are “hard working”, “target oriented” etc. these terms do not give a true glimpse of the candidate’s potential. Hence developing talent markers can really help in analyzing the candidate quality for the position. For instance asking, “How many xyz repairs have you done?”, “how many sales have you made?” etc makes a fitting talent marker for a position.

The reason for the existence of the black hole and recruitment is an interlinked situation that can be averted with the above-mentioned tips. Abiding by the above could also help manage the candidate experience in a systematic way.