Top Ten Traits of an Optimal RPO Partner

Top Ten Traits of an Optimal RPO Partner

One of the strategic decisions for decreasing the cost to hire and generating quality time to focus on core competence is investing on a suitable RPO partnership. Not only does the former step revolutionize the hiring process of the organization but also gets better quality candidates. What is important is to select the best RPO Company that will not only help meet all the requirements of the organization but would also deliver superior results.

Here we have focused on the major qualities to lookout for in an RPO provider. In order to know the best RPO provider for an organization, one needs to clearly define their targets apart from looking out for the following ten features:

1. Dimension – For those into larger than life projects, partnering with an RPO that is capable of supporting the requirement in terms size, looking into their experiences can give a clear picture of their potential.

2. Industries – RPO has developed and presently caters to many types of industry verticals however when looking for firms such as technology and manufacturing, insisting on specialists in the field can provide better choices.

3. Business Departments – Searching for an RPO that can support with hiring for various departments within the organization such as sales, marketing or HR could be helpful.

4. Services – Defining the RPO services needed and finding providers that can match your needs, some of the services expected from RPO providers include roles like candidate research for recruiters, compliance works, tracking, reporting and auditing, full recruiting and outsource for part or partial or a project and even third party vendor management.

5. On-Site Assistance – If the organization requires an RPO provider that can offer full on location or partial on location support then choose one that offers this option since not all RPO providers offer on –site support.

6. Type of Hires – RPO partnerships offer a variety of hires including contract, contract-to-hire, part-time, full-time etc.

7. Countries Supported – This is most important if the organization is hiring outside U.S or an international firm hiring within the U.S for a maiden start or a U.S based company that requires support for hiring in one of its international offices.

8. Track Records – If the RPO firm has a history of successful and happy clients, confirm delivering expected results, and assure they have the potential they must be considered best for the partnership.

9. Tech Solutions – If the RPO firm offers a certain technology solution, which is part of the requirement, then one should go for it.

10. Likeminded – Compatibility and likeability is a virtue that can help thrive successful business relations and it should be given equal importance apart from the rest.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing can be a very lucrative approach, if you can spot the right RPO provider however, finding one is often challenging. Expectantly, the above qualities discussed could help in evaluating and choosing the best option for the organization.