Two Fundamental Ways in Which Technology Influences Recruitment

Two Fundamental Ways in Which Technology Influences Recruitment

In order to get the recruitment cycle moving, it is but a practical approach to understand what works best and what does not work at all in favor of the recruitment business. However, two of the most crucial ways, which can influence a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Business, is the social media and email communication. Below we shall deal with them individually and in a detailed format:

Social Network and Media

One of the most prominent techniques that nearly all employers are trying to incorporate in their organization to improve the candidate experience is with the assistance of social networking channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor, etc. this is so because these are some of the most exceptional ways to stay connected with the possible and potential candidates. It is also a promising arena to spot new talent that is yet untapped. Nevertheless, it has to be remembered that the interactions in these platforms need to be socially cordial and professionally formal. Simply informal messages regarding jobs and open positions at frequent intervals of time to millions at once cannot make this medium of communication much effective and influential in the future.

Email Networking and Communication

Another exemplary alternative for bringing about improvement in the candidate experience is via sending emails to all the candidates who apply for a position that has been filled or taken. This step enables the candidates to feel noticed and acknowledged while keeping them with the hiring process circle. The email communication system works two ways since the candidates require closure as well as acknowledgement a quick response over email takes care of both the requirements.

According to a recent data collected from a study on Candidate preferences of communication, it is apparent that:

  • More than 90% candidates preferably want a voice/telephone communication
  • More than 90% candidates also prefer an email communication for any further confirmations.

Technology, in particular could be a valuable instrument in augmenting the candidate experience and eradicating the information and recruitment black hole. Nonetheless, this can only take place if the technology incorporated is up to mark and its immaculate application in the process for developing a constructive relationship with the candidates.