Top App for Enriching the Employee On Boarding Experience.

Top App for Enriching the Employee On Boarding Experience.

According to a specialized employee recognition solutions enterprise around 70% of the employees are bound to stay with a company for a minimum of three years if they are welcomed with an excellent on boarding experience. An onboarding experience is always critical to employee acquisition and retention. In fact, it is always considered the best practice to have all the right tools to make the process more efficient and successful.

First on the list is SilkRoad, which is a cloud, based talent management system that allows the users to attract, retain and maintain the candidates as well as the new hires. RedCarpet is one of the onboarding modules that comes handy with the SilkRoad app. The app has gained momentum due to its automated pre-on boarding and boarding procedures along with the digitization of the paper forms.

One of the reviews of the Redcarpet suggested that it was great for automating the onboarding tasks and assuring that all of the new hires have a consistent experience. Various employee reviews have also responded that the apps customization feature has a high flexibility and ease of distributing digital 1-9s.

Although most of the features discussed about silkRoad had positive feedbacks, reviewers however did notice that the set up of the app was complicated due to the extensive customization that came with the factory settings for the system for the enterprise. The notifications as well as the document library have also been found a tad bit difficult to navigate.

It has to be remembered always that onboarding process is a vital function for a company and a very vital experience for the hiring process of a company. Sometimes due to the rush of things company’s fail to create a cohesive and positive onboarding experience for the employees.